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State and local governments rely on federal resources to meet housing, homelessness, and community development needs. However, some members of Congress are threatening to enact a year-long continuing resolution instead of a spending bill for Fiscal Year 2022.  This would maintain already inadequate funding levels from the previous fiscal year.

Because the cost of housing and development is tied to market rates, which tend to rise each year (especially in Idaho), a continuing resolution acts as a cut, reducing the number of people served

You can use this simple TEMPLATE to contact your Congressmen. 

A second, Idaho-specific issue is equally urgent. Governor Little is proposing that the state use $50 million in State Fiscal Recovery Funds to fund the development of affordable homes in Idaho. Despite previous plans for this funding to go into the state’s currently unused Housing Trust Fund, the governor publicly said this week that the funding will instead go into a new and untested fund for workforce housing.

Housing Trust Funds have a proven track record of successfully promoting the development of affordable homes throughout the country for the last three decades, and Idaho’s Housing Trust Fund is the best option for this historic investment in housing in our state. 

Here is an action tool you may use: 

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