We Advocate for Needed Change

IIRAH advocates for food security for all Idahoans. To help ensure, everyone is able to buy food when they need it, we actively advocate for a repeal of the Idaho grocery tax.

Recognizing that hunger is a symptom of the failure of economic and societal symptoms, IIRAH addresses hunger via advocacy rather than direct service. IIRAH also works collaborating with like-minded organizations to advocate for needed change on the underlying causes of hunger, including:

  • Housing: Many households must choose between paying the rent or feeding themselves. IIRAH advocates for affordable housing options throughout Idaho.
  • Healthcare: Unexpected medical expenses can deplete the budget for those living on a limited income. IIRAH advocates for healthcare for all.
  • Childcare: Childcare is a considerable expense for Idaho’s working poor. IIRAH advocates for affordable childcare.

Other Issues

We also lend our voice to other issues that help to reduce the financial burden of those living in poverty and on limited incomes. Examples of other issues we work on include minimum wage legislation, equitable tax policies, and transportation.

Interested in getting involved? Email us at

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