About Us

Our Story

A group of friends and colleagues gathered to watch a video featuring the Oregon Faith Roundtable Against Hunger (OFRAH). We learned that OFRAH seeks to engage diverse religious communities throughout the state, including direct service agencies, in order to develop solutions to the root causes of hunger through education and public policy advocacy. We were so deeply inspired by what we learned that we formed the Idaho Interfaith Roundtable Against Hunger (IIRAH).

Since then, IIRAH has grown to include dozens of endorsing faith organizations, including Christian, Muslim, and Jewish congregations throughout the state, as well as other organizations that share our vision.

IIRAH is a 501(c)(3)

IIRAH is a charity registered with the US Internal Revenue Service. We have no paid staff but have an extremely dedicated and passionate group of volunteers who work hard to achieve mission impact.

Our work is made possible by the generous contributions from organizations and individuals. We appreciate every donation, regardless of the amount.

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