Child Care

Child Care Costs are Escalating

For low-income families, the cost of child care is a significant expense. According to the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children, a parent working full-time and earning minimum wage typically spends half of their income on childcare for one child. And, with inflation, the rates for childcare have escalated.

As part of the COVID-19 recovery initiative, Idaho received federal funding that helped low-income families pay for childcare. Those funds, however, are running out.

A grant from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has funded a project to help low-income families pay rising childcare costs. A collaboration between the Idaho Center on Disabilities and Human Development and the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children, IdahoSTARS offers a co-pay program for families struggling to pay for childcare expenses.

IIRAH’s Advocacy Efforts

IIRAH advocates for Federal and state funding targeted at helping low-income families pay for childcare. These working parents struggle to ensure their children get both adequate healthy food and quality care from qualified childcare providers. Government funding helps to ensure the health and safety of these young Idahoans.

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