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IIRAH Fights Hunger in Idaho at the System Level

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We Need Your Voice

Many Idaho families are forced to choose between paying for housing vs. purchasing food. A series of changes in the housing arena could be detrimental to these Idahoans. Learn more about these housing concerns and take action today!

Bill 442 would prohibit local governments from enacting caps on rental fees and fees, limiting affordable housing options. Take action. Go to the Idaho Asset Building Network. Most landlords are good ones. Some reach out to nonprofits when they know a tenant can’t pay. Many waive late and other fees to keep their tenants housed. Read an Op-Ed written by Ali Rabe.

Urge Governor Little to invest in the ID Housing Trust Fund!  Congress and our State Legislature are both back in session, so it’s time for us to collectively work for just and equitable systems in which all people can have food security with dignity.  There are two urgent housing-related actions you can take.

The Working Families Tax Credit supports families who have been most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has a proven track record of elevating families and ensuring they have the means to pay for essentials like car repairs, groceries, and diapers. Please sign the petition and help us tell lawmakers that this tax credit for working people is good for Idaho.

More Ways to Make a Difference

  • Attend one of IIRAH’s Forums. Meet other people who are working to end hunger in Idaho, learn about current issues, and steps you can take to be an advocate for those who are struggling.
  • Request an IIRAH speaker for your organization. Talk to people you know and share what you have learned. Be a “myth buster.”
  • Call, write, email, and challenge your elected officials at all levels of government. Ask them to learn more about anti-hunger legislation and programs to end hunger.
  • Vote for candidates who support hunger relief programs with policies that promote food security and maintain dignity for all.
  • Ask your state representatives and senator to raise Idaho’s minimum wage.
  • Encourage your religious community or favorite social service organization to join forces with IIRAH and become an endorser.
  • Sign up for the Food Resource and Action Center’s newsletter to receive action alerts on important national food policies.
  • Support your local food system by planting a garden, volunteering for a community garden, buying produce from the farmer’s market, and asking your grocery store to stock locally grown foods.
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