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Ways to Fight Hunger in Idaho at the System Level

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Register for 9/28 Webinar: A Conversation on Lived Expertise with Barbie Izquierdo, Jimmieka Mills & Diane Sullivan

Tuesday, September 28, 3:00 p.m. Eastern (2:00 p.m. Central, 1:00 p.m. Mountain, 12:00 p.m. Pacific)
This webinar will be a live presentation with no recording available after. Be sure to tune in for this can’t-miss presentation.
Barbie Izquierdo, Jimmieka Mills, and Diane Sullivan developed and led an insightful conversation at the 2021 National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference on meaningful ways anti-hunger organizations can partner with people who have lived and living experiences with hunger and poverty, and who often have been locked out of the spaces where policy decisions were made and resources were allocated. Rooted in their experiences and expertise, the trio discussed insights on engagement and how this work is critical to centering anti-hunger work in equity, breaking down systems that keep people in poverty, and avoiding unintentional pitfalls that can result if experts with lived and living experiences are not engaged.
Join us for a follow-up conversation in which the group discusses key takeaways from the conference session, answers audience questions, and delves more into ideas on how to engage in this vital work.
This is the first in a three-part series designed and presented by the team. This series is co-hosted by FRAC and Feeding America.


Your voice can be heard and it is important to understand how. Learning how to advocate for important issues is your first step.   Here is one of many resources to help you.  

Attend Roundtable forums. Request an IIRAH speaker for your organization. Talk to people you know and share what you have learned. Be a “myth buster.”

Call, write, email, and challenge your elected officials at all levels of government. Learn more about anti-hunger legislation and programs to end hunger.

Vote for candidates who support hunger relief programs with policies that promote food security and maintain dignity for all.

Ask your state representatives and senator to raise Idaho’s minimum wage.

Encourage your religious community or favorite social service organization to join forces with IIRAH and become an endorser.

Attend one of IIRAH’s forums. Meet other people who are working to end hunger in Idaho, learn about current issues, and steps you can take to be an advocate for those who are struggling.

Sign up for the Food Resource and Action Center’s newsletter to receive action alerts on important national food policies.

Support your local food system by planting a garden, volunteering for a community garden, buying produce from the farmer’s market, and asking your grocery store to stock locally grown foods.




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