Image Credits

With the exception of photos by Carl Van Slyke, all photos on this website are courtesy of Flickr and the Creative Commons 2.0 license. No changes have been made to the photos. Photos marked by an asterisk (*) were taken in Idaho.

Color photo of a raised garden bed with greenery and a red snapdragon flower  Onion, Snapdragon, Carrot* by Carl Van Slyke. 2015.

Siblings by Jugbo.  Siblings by Jugbo. 2006.

Books on Bases by U.S. Army  Books on Bases… by U.S. Army. 2010.

Ready for the Cold Front by Rotifer.  Ready for the Cold Front* by Rotifer. 2012.

Family by Boise Rescue Mission  Family* by Boise Rescue Mission. 2004.

Grocery Store Design by 1-5 Design and Manufacture  Grocery Store Design by I-5 Design & Manufacture. 2011.

Getting His Pajamas Drenched by Susan Sermoneta  Getting his Pajamas Drenched by Susan Sermoneta. 2011.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Ada County by USDA  Boys and Girls Club of Ada County* by USDA. 2011.

New Moms Participating... by USDA  New Moms Participating…with WIC Counselor by USDA. 2011.

Calculator and Dollar Bill by Images Money  Calculator and Dollar Bill by Images Money. 2011.

IIRAH members gather in 2016 to talk about the link between healthcare and hunger  Conversation* by Carl Van Slyke, 2016.

Idaho State Capitol - Capitol of Light by Kevin Rank  Idaho State Capitol – Capitol of Light* by Kevin Rank. 2010.

Food for the Community by Isvend09  Food for the Community* by Isvend09. 2014.

Apple by Tea  Apple by Tea. 2012

Gleaning September 2014 by DC Central Kitchen  Gleaning … DC Central Kitchen. 2014.

Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium by Flickr/Emmanuel Huybrechts  Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium by E. Huybrechts. 2008.

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